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Date 08/03/2022
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Optimumminners is presented as an investment company, but it’s a very suspicious one. We claim so because of the many red flags detected, the first of which is the unrealistic profitability advertised. As you can see from the screenshot above, customers are promised up to 100% earnings for 2 days, which can’t be anything else but a fraudulent offer! Legit companies won’t ever advertise or deliver so much money, simply because it’s impossible to do so! With that being the case, we confirm that Optimumminners is an HYIP programme and a suspected scam, so it’s highly recommended to avoid it!

HYIPs are unregulated investment schemes offering questionable opportunities, to put it mildly. The promised ROI (Return in Investment) is just too good to consider trustworthy- at times, customers are reassured that they can make 100% or more per day, which can’t happen in any possible way. To put it into perspective, even the largest investment funds can’t secure more than 10% per year, let alone per day or week. So, given the products and services offered, we can decisively say that the service reviewed is highly suspicious and most likely fraudulent.

With that being said, you’d better stay away and have a look at other reliable opportunities, such as Forex brokers PAMM managed accounts, social trading platforms or regulated crypto providers. For example, many crypto exchanges are presently offering BTC and ETH staking that can bring a decent passive income on reduced investment risk. But in any case, make sure to trust your money to transparent and adequately regulated financial companies because markets are currently plagued by anonymous investment schemes, most of which are pure scams.
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Scam!!! They took my money and refuse to allow withdrawals

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