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Date 09/29/2022
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The firm showed on its ”Privacy Policy”that its Privacy Statement is dated 5th February 2016. That means the company must be established before or not late than 2016. However, when we checked its domain, the result shows the firm was newly created in 2021. It is unreasonable for a company’s policy occurred before the existence of the company itself. Besides, the firm uses false information.On the one hand, viewing its “About Us”, protonforex.comclaimsthat it is adhere to the highest standards of EU financial markets and is accredited by financial Regulations Authorities. However, it lists no any regulatory certifications or governmental registrations on its website.As a trader, you definitely know the basic point, all legalbrokers are not only registered but will provide their credentials and help you verify they are registered and regulated.Therefore, we know protonforex.comis unregulated currently.On the other hand, it also showsit is registered in Birmingham, a UK city. As per the United Kingdom law, any company based in the UK that wants to operate on the financial market needs FCA regulation. As the fraud claims to be located in UK, it must operate with FCA license. However, it has no FCA license. The fact is that the entity is avoiding this rule, because nowhere in the FCA register, we were able to find That means investors funds in this broker is unsafe and cannot be protected by any laws. Therefore, it is a scam broker.
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